We seek the unknown capabilities of mushrooms and keep
contributing to safty of food and environment protection.

About us

Fujishukin.Co,Ltd. was established in Yamanashi prefecture in 1982 to manufacture mushroom spawn, especially Shiitake spawn.Our spawn manufacturing technique have over 33 years of experience in the industry.Since establishment, we carry out research and development of mushroom spawns and deliver them to Shiitake farmers all over Japan.


We want Genboku Shiitake wood-log cultivation to prosper as an industry. Therefore we do our best to keep developing new Shiitake spawns that fit the needs of the times. And also, we keep evolving cultivation technology to add more value to Genboku Shiitake.


Our workshop is held all over Japan. We share the knowledge of cultivation with both beginner and experienced mushroom farmers. And also, we itroduce new cultivar every year.



Shiitake wood log cultivation can be done through a year by using vinyl greenhouse. You don't have to worry about  natural disaster and the steady income can be expected.  Also you can cultivate efficiently with other vagetables. There are technical staffs in our company. If you want to cultivate Shiitake in vinyl greenhouse through a year, our staff can visit you regularly and advise cultivation method (Our sawdust and thimble spawn need special technique because their spawn running is shorter.).


We started new project in 2011. We launched a brand called "SATOYAMA MONOGATARI" In this project, we form a union which is made by Shiitake farmers throughout Japan and sell Shiitake to the big market like Tokyo and Osaka. It's quite difficult to sell Shiitake to the big market individually. However with the union, we could distribute new market.


Our technical staff visit farmers regularly. Some farmer want to harvest more Shiitake. Other farmer want to stick with quality(size, color, thickness and so on). So they advise cultivation method to meet farmer's needs. Also they provide information for selling Shiiitake.



Kunisaki Peninsula Usa Integrated Forestry, Agriculture and Fisheries System " Blessings from the Forest: The Shiitake Homeland " was designated officially as Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems(GIAHS). It's proud thing for Japanese people becouse we are used to live with Satoyama(Secondary Forest). We hope that goverment sort out management assistance system of Shiitake wood-log cultivation and promote effective use of Satoyama.

If you have inquiry or if you want to visit our company, please e-mail us. We will respond as soon as possible.


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